Moving freight for COVID-19 at cost

Max Casal
2 min readMar 15, 2020

With the COVID-19 spreading in the world and affecting countries, lives, works, and economy; Nowports, as a logistics company with a prominent presence in LATAM, must use its capabilities to contribute and help the world on this fierce battle we are facing right now.

The vast uncertainty on how much damage and losses it can generate is growing every day. However, we all agree that this situation can be solved if we work together and develop smart solutions.

In Nowports we move different types of freight, from food, retail, cars, etc. Since this COVID-19 started in China, we have moved more than 1.000.000 masks to help the country. But we know that it’s not enough and we have been making different efforts, yet the virus continues spreading and generating enormous damage.

For this reason, Nowports is offering to move any healthcare freight that is helping any affected country to fight against this pandemic at just the logistic cost. We are going to reduce the logistics charges to help companies to work together.

We have offices in 5 countries and an extensive network in more than 55 countries. Let’s work together to win this pandemic and surpass this tough challenge together.

Please, if you or your company wants to move healthcare equipment, drop us an email at Within a few minutes, our specialized team will contact you to start working together.